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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Upload.ee?
Upload.ee is first and only fileupload site in Estonia providing such features and one it's main purpose is to provide best quality and speed to it's users.

There are many big companies standing behind Upload.ee and providing us with means to deliver the service to many users and with quality.

What files and how much can I upload?
Upload.ee supports all known and unknown file formats, with the exclusion that executable files (exe, msi, pif, com, bat) can be only uploaded by registered users. Unregistered users can upload up to 100MB files and registered users can upload up to 200MB files.

How long are the files stored?
Unregistered user's uploaded files are kept until 50 days after last download. Registered user's are kept until 120 days after last download.

What are the advantages of registered users?
Registered user has ...
... overview of all of his/her uploaded files;
... option to upload multiple files simultaneously;
... files are kept longer after last download;
... the ability to create galleries, make them private or password protected.

What does the "Unzip" checkbox mean on the upload page?
If you are uploading compressed file(s) (zip, rar, 7z etc), then ticking the Unzip checkbox means that the compressed archive will be expanded on the server after upload (if you had a gallery selected, all files will be put there, otherwise theyl'll be only in the "My Files" section). Purpose of this option is to make it simpler and faster to upload many files (you don't have to select files one by one plus compressed files are smaller than original files). NB! if archive contains directories and subdirectories, they will all be expanded to one directory, meaning that files with same name (but in different directories in archive) will be conflicting and some will be overwritten by others. In addition unpacked size of a single file in the archive cannot exceed 200MB and total sum of all extracted files cannot exceed 400MB. Archives, that are over 50MB in size and unpacked size of all files exceed 5 times of the archive's original size, will not be unpacked (to prevent flooding and abuse) along with password protected archives.

How can I make my site more comfortable for my users with Upload.ee ?
You can add following HTML code (or let someone else do it for you) to your page, and thus allowing your users to upload their files without actually leaving your page or taking up space from your server:

If you need more information, you can always contact us through our feedback form. We also have guides on how to add our Iframe code to following forums: PHPBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board and MyBB.

What is uploadhelper?
Uploadhelper is our own custom made Java applet/plugin that makes file and image/screenshot uploading more comfortable for you. More info can be found at Uploadhelper info page.

What does the image RSS mean next to the gallery's name?
This is link to the RSS newsfeed of that gallery, which enables you to watch the gallery for new files with your newsreader.

NB! Upload.ee is not responsible for files uploaded here!
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