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MyBB forum integration

MyBB forums
MyBB forums template system is stored in database and solution itself offers interesting approach for plugin support.
You can download our plugin from mybb_uploadmod_1.0.0.zip.html and extract it's contents to the inc folder of your forum installation and make sure you put the files in correct folders.
After you have done that, go to your forum's admin panel, select "Configuration" view and click on "Plugins". If all went well, there should be a plugin named "Upload.ee". By clicking the "Install" link, the plugin gets installed and also "Settings" panel is updated with options to turn on/off the Iframe without the need to activate/unactivate or install/uninstall the plugin.

You can also edit manually all your templates with names newthread, newreply, editpost, private_send and showthread_quickreply. Just open them for editing in admin panel and put the following code where you want:

NB! It is not good idea to use the plugin AND change your templates manually since it may result in odd effects (two Iframes displayed on page or none at all).

All above methods have been tested on MyBB 1.4.4 and with the default styles that came with the install.

NB! Before changing or saving anything, make sure you are able to restore your forum to previous state since Upload.ee cannot be held responsible if you ruin your forum due to an accident or due to the fact that you didn't know what you were doing exactly! If you don't have previous experience doing modifications to your forum and your forum is very important, we strongly suggest you to find someone who has previous experience and skills to ensure correct and seamless modification.
If you have custom templates and additional languages or you are having trouble with integrating our Iframe into your forum, you can always contact us through our feedback form, but we cannot always guarantee a speedy response.

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NB! Upload.ee is not responsible for files uploaded here!
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